Markup for Internet Applications

Fast & Flexible App Development

All components you include into XIOS/3 are quick and easy to “glue” together into a working application, giving a very iterative approach to development similar to how one builds a regular website. 

The XIOS/3 Application Markup approach enables a declarative way of describing the look, feel and functionality of apps which then XIOS/3 completes with automatic data-bindings and edge cloud computing capabilities.

The result is that even advanced applications, such as CRM & ERP systems or even a virtual business center that feels like a real desktop environment can be built in no-time.

Batteries included

A Complete Solution

XIOS/3 is a complete platform for web application frontends, covering everything from what the end user sees and interacts with, to internal application processes and logic, all the way to connectors to external services and backends.

New building blocks can be added to each layer by easily including existing code, open source components, completely new components written in JavaScript. In XIOS/3, every added component works seamlessly with the rest of the stack. This allows for anything from rapid prototyping and full-scale development to expanding and adding more features and components as your application evolves.

MVC isn't just a talking point

Separations of Concerns, for Real

XIOS/3 doesn't just talk about the Model-View-Controller design pattern as a guiding philosophy to achieve code integrity and reusability. By designing a declarative view language as distinct from a reactive controller language, we can ensure that these are kept separate. At the same time views, controllers and models are all based on XML, making it trivial to dynamically generate any of them.

This complete MVC separation also allows several developers to work in parallell, lowering time-to-market even further, while enabling a high degree of quality assurance. Even sharing entire parts of an application between different projects is possible without modifications.

Ultimate Performance, World-Wide

Edge Cloud Computing Capabilities

By automatically shifting execution of web applications from the server-side to the user device, utilizing otherwise idle computing resources, XIOS/3 increases usability and speed of deployed applications. Without any installation or plug-ins, XIOS/3 applications are accessed through the browser just as any other web app.

By relieving the backend of heavy lifting, the cost of providing applications decrease, at the same time as the user experience is increased. Applications works faster for end users, with faster response to user interactions, while cloud hosting bills are kept low.

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