The Edge Application Platform

Build Great Web Applications, Faster Than Ever Before

Leverage existing frameworks, code and open source, while increasing your productivity.
XIOS/3 facilitates code reusability, faster time-to-market & improved user experience for web apps,
while giving them unbeatable scalability and speed thanks to unique edge cloud computing capabilities.

Open Source

XIOS/3 enables you to leverage any web code into reusable building blocks that are always intelligently compatible. Utilize open source components or your favorite JavaScript framework, but relieve yourself from reinventing the wheel in each project.

Build Apps
in No-Time

Once you have all the components you need, XIOS/3 relieves you from even more work by enabling you to put all your building blocks together into apps using declarative markup. Build powerful and edge-enabled web apps as easy as you would build a website.

User Experience

All XIOS/3 building blocks, included by us or by you, have access to tons of functionality out-of-the-box, making it possible to build web apps that look and function like real software. Also, XIOS/3's unique edge capabilities mean unbeatable usability and speed.

Leverage existing code to build powerful web apps in no-time

The idea with XIOS/3 is simple. Any existing code and open source can easily be standardized into reusable building blocks, eliminating the tons of custom integration code otherwise required.

The XIOS/3 Platform covers the entire web application frontend, with easy to use extension points for every layer; from UI components and process operations, to connecting with any backend system, service or API.

Focus on the user experience with powerful software-like features already available without reinveting the wheel, and unique edge capabilities for fast and smooth apps anywhere in the world. Even offline, or in remote areas.

Freedom of Choice

XIOS/3 is designed to value your freedom as a developer. With a line of code, you include XIOS/3 in your project, and can keep using your favorite components, frameworks and development environment. To deploy applications all you need is a standard webserver, just as a regular website.


All components you include into XIOS/3 will become standardized, compatible and intelligent building blocks. The declarative and automatic data-bindings built into XIOS/3 takes care of making components available in any setting where you need them, now and in the future.

Edge Computing 
for SaaS

XIOS/3 gives your code and components unique edge computing capabilities. Leverage the free computing power in end user devices to make applications faster and more scalable than ever. All while reducing costs for cloud hosting by relieving the server from heavy lifting.

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