Open Source is only free if time is worth nothing, but Our idea is simple:

Maximize the value of code, and build better applications faster than ever before

Open source is one of the most valuable resources of the 21st century, but all the custom code you need to make components compatible is just a waste of time, and time is money.

The Edge Application Platform enables you to standardize code into reusable & easily maintainable building blocks, eliminating the need for reinventing all that custom code in every project. Instead, focus on the user experience.

The distributed edge cloud computing of XIOS/3 then allows your web applications to utilize computing power in user devices, improving speed, usability and scalability, while reducing the cost of providing them.

All you need,
already packaged

XIOS/3 includes everything to build a complete web app frontend. Just grab any library or component you want, use XIOS/3 to relieve you of time-consuming work, and focus on delivery.

No more re-
inventing the wheel

By turning any JavaScript into completely reusable building blocks you eliminate the need to reinvent the wheel in each project, allowing you to build great web apps with <70% less code.

Reuse what you've
already built

Existing components that you modify or extend will always be completely reusable. If you need anything extra, you can easily modify any building block using JavaScript.



Most web apps today lack software-like features, like drag & drop, context menus or keyboard shortcuts. With XIOS/3, that and much more will be available to all your building blocks.

Apps for
any device

XIOS/3 applications will adapt to the device they are currently running on, all that is needed is a standard web browser. No need to build different apps for different devices.


Unique Edge Cloud Computing capabilities of XIOS/3 will make applications run smoothly, and with great user experience, even on unstable networks or in remote areas.


the platform

XIOS/3 can easily be extended with your own code and components, whether it is something new you need or if you just want to include what you’ve built previously.


Unlike Low-Code, XIOS/3 apps are completely backend agnostic and can be hosted on any webserver. Also, there are no compilation or building steps required to launch your app.

Build with
your IDE

XIOS/3 does not require any specific development environment, use the one you are accustomed to or even a simple text-editor would do. We value your flexibility as a developer.


Frontend for 
any web API

XIOS/3 is all you need for the frontend and it can also consume any web API, meaning that you can use XIOS/3 to quickly build a frontend to virtually anything.

Modernize legacy
software & systems

XIOS/3 can be used to give legacy systems or old apps a new, modern look and feel without throwing away previous investments in core system architecture.

Integrate multiple
systems & apps

XIOS/3 can also consume API:s from several systems and apps, making it possible to quickly build a digital workspace where things work together.

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