XIOS/3 does not replace current development practices; it works as a compliment without lock-ins to any specific part of the development life cycle. This makes a big difference for projects where branches, project collaboration, and conflict resolution has to be managed, something that is hard or impossible to do for any non-trivial project in a Low-Code setting.


The concept with XIOS/3 is that any component you want can easily be included, with Low-Code you are stuck with writing complex integration code again. Unlike Low-Code, XIOS/3 apps can be hosted on any web server, leaving matters of deployment, security, analytics, failover, and load balancing to best practices, existing infrastructure and knowledge.

the Cost

With XIOS/3 there are no upfront costs to start and unlike most Low-Code environments there are no developer fees. Meaning that XIOS/3 is completely free to start using, so you don’t have to take a budget decision to start exploring the advantages of XIOS/3.

Can you build a Low-Code platform with your Low-Code platform?

True Flexibility & Global Scalability

Similar to Low-Code XIOS/3 is designed to speed up development, but that is where most similarities end. With XIOS/3 you can easily add new components, without tons of custom code, and you are free to deploy your application anywhere you want.

The only thing you need to build XIOS/3 apps is your regular development environment, even a simple text-editor would do, making you free to choose how and where you build and deploy your apps.

XIOS/3 is not just backend agnostic, the Edge Cloud Computing capabilities of XIOS/3 will also relieve the backend of your choice from heavy lifting, while Low-Code environments tend to do the opposite.

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