Wrapping components with XIOS/3 is faster than writing your own custom integration code. Putting all the pieces together with declarative markup "glue" reduces your time-to-market even further, and on top of that the edge capabilities of XIOS/3 makes apps faster to use. With XIOS/3, speed is key.

User Experience

Wrapped XIOS/3 building blocks have access to all internal features of the Edge Application Platform, making it possible to build web apps that look and function like real software for optimal user experience. Thanks to XIOS/3 edge capabilities apps will also run fast and smooth, even over poor networks.


Saving time when building applications equals saving money. Less code also results in easier and cheaper maintenance. XIOS/3 even decreases the cost of running an application since XIOS/3 edge capabilities will reduce costs for cloud hosting by relieving the server from heavy lifting. 

Find it, wrap it, build IT

XIOS/3 is straight-forward and easy to use. Just take your existing JavaScript or find open source components / libraries online, then simply wrap the components you need and eliminate all custom integration code you’d otherwise have to write.

Wrapped XIOS/3 components are then quickly “glued” together using declarative bindings and your application will be ready in no-time.

The result is high-quality, edge-enabled, web applications built with up to 70% less code compared to using conventional practices.

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