Eliminating Custom
Integration Code

Forget about writing tons of custom code to make web components compatible with each other in every project. With XIOS/3 you grab the components you like and put a thin wrapper around them and just like that, they will be compatible now and in every project to come.

Piece Together
Components, Fast

Wrapped components are easily bound together using XIOS/3 Application Markup, meaning that the look, feel and functionality of an application is described in a declarative and straight-forward way where all internal software features of XIOS/3 is already available.

Reuse Components,
Again & Again

Once you have wrapped a component, or a library of components, they are available again and again, without any need to repurpose them. Declarative and automatic data-bindings of XIOS/3 takes care of making components available in any setting they might fit.

Build feature-rich applications at a fraction of the time and complexity

Eliminate 70% of the Work

Finding different components, or even a library of components, to use in a web application project is easy, the hard work begins when these components are integrated so that they work together.

The idea with XIOS/3 is to relieve developers from this work, eliminate custom integration code and make it easier to turn components into completely reusable building blocks. This does not only save time when making components compatible, it will also save time when building the actual application.

Wrapped XIOS/3 components are then easily bound together using XIOS/3 Application Markup, turning development of even the most advanced business applications into a breeze. The guiding thought has been to remove 70% of the code you otherwise would have to write, saving tremendous amounts of time, complexity and money.


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