The Edge Application Platform

Build better web applications, faster & cheaper, with XIOS/3

XIOS/3 leverages and increases the benefits of existing web application frameworks, code and open source.
The Edge Application Platform facilitates code reusability, faster time-to-market & improved user experience of web applications, all while lowering development costs & cloud hosting bills.


The time-consuming part of web app development is making everything work together. XIOS/3 relieves developers from writing tons of custom integration code to make web app components compatible. Quickly wrap existing JavaScript code or open source libraries into reusable blocks that work in any project.

Easy to Learn,
Easy to Use

XIOS/3 works as a compliment to the practices and frameworks you already know, so you can get started right away. With XIOS/3 wrapped building blocks are then rapidly "glued" together in a declarative way, allowing you to focus on usability and design instead of reinventing the wheel. 

More Features,
Less Code

Your wrapped building blocks will have access to rich, software-like functionality through XIOS/3, without you having to reinvent core features. As software is inevitably moving online, XIOS/3 even enables browser-based applications with UX similar to real software to be built in no-time.

Open Source is only free if time is worth nothing
Our idea is simple; build better applications, faster and cheaper than ever before

As software is inevitably moving online open source, or code from previous projects, are some of the most valuable assets to developers.

However, these (open source) components are not just plug-and-play, they require tons of custom code to become compatible. The idea of open source being free and easy-to-use diminishes to the fact that the majority of the work is reinvented in each application project.  The result is often time-consuming projects costing far more than estimated and with far less functionality and features than anticipated. With XIOS/3 this change.

The XIOS/3 Edge Application Platform enables developers to standardize open source components into reusable & maintainable building blocks, eliminating the need to write custom integration code. Essentially making great web apps a breeze to develop. The distributed edge cloud computing of XIOS/3 then allows web apps to utilize otherwise idle computing resources in user devices, improving speed & usability of apps while reducing the cost of providing them.

Existing Practices

XIOS/3 is the perfect complement to how web apps are built today. Use XIOS/3 for free and quickly wrap existing JavaScript code or any open source library. XIOS/3 minimizes time-to-market and increases the quality of applications. It’s simply less work but a better result.

Reuse Code,
Again & Again

Components wrapped with XIOS/3 can be used again and again, in any project to come, to keep saving you time and money in the future. Declarative and automatic data-bindings allows you to focus on “gluing” together building blocks, instead of figuring everything out yourself.

No Installation,
No Plug-Ins

Running applications in the cloud means a central point for deployment, updates and security. To further increase the speed and user experience XIOS/3 gives your apps Edge Computing capabilities, reliving the cloud from heavy lifting, without the need for any installation or plug-ins.

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